Jodi Reeb


Being an artist is a tough gig. Even in Northeast Minneapolis, where we’ve been nationally recognized for our Arts District, most artists have a difficult time quitting their day jobs, so to speak.

Jodi Reeb is a notable exception. With 20 years of full-time artmaking under her belt, Jodi knows about many mediums of art, including encaustic pieces (using beeswax), abstract paintings, landscapes, and dimensional discs.

Since selling her first crayon animal drawing for $1 at the age of five, Reeb has honed in on making her art into a living, which she attributes partially to a job she had selling cars in college. In Reeb’s words, “[As a car salesperson] I met so many people from all walks of life, and it was natural to begin selling my artwork after that.”

Jodi Reeb has partnered with Art Force since the beginning, and much of her work has landed in healthcare settings. For her, placing work in a healing environment is personal: “My mother had breast cancer while I was growing up and we spent many afternoons in clinics while she would have chemotherapy. Most of the artwork at the time seemed to be an afterthought. I feel so honored to have my work included in healing spaces now because of this early experience. I appreciate that the healthcare industry understands that artwork is an important aspect of creating a healing environment.” With Art Force’s multiple offerings, Jodi Reeb is just one of the artists whose pieces are gracing the walls of hospitals and clinics. Learn more about how to improve patient experience with artwork at our website.

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